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Things You Need to Know Before Purchasing a Steel Horse Barn

steel horse barn

If you want to install a more secure barn to protect your horses, a steel horse barn is the best choice. Discovery Buildings provides high-quality steel barns in Florida and is ready to explain what you should know before you purchase one.

Steel Barns Are Extremely Durable

Traditional wooden barn materials can deteriorate over time and need regular maintenance in order to last as long as possible. Steel barns are extremely durable. They won’t end up with water damage in damp climates, and they won’t tolerate the mold and algae you typically find on wooden structures. 

A steel barn will give you peace of mind that your horses are safe even during a storm.

Prepare for Installation

As with any new construction, the process starts with site preparation. Remove bushes, rocks, and anything else that will get in the way during construction. Most importantly, you need to level the ground in the area you choose to place the barn.  

Metal structures require flat ground to ensure the structure is straight and secure. Uneven ground can prevent the barn doors from opening and closing as they should. If you’re building your barn on top of a concrete foundation, leave enough time for the concrete to cure completely before you begin construction.

Customization Options

You can customize your steel horse barn to fit the specific needs of your horses. Some of the customization options include:

  • Washing Area: Add an area with a floor drain and water access to clean your horses inside the barn.
  • Secure Feed Storage: Include an area to store food so it’s protected from rainwater or wild animals helping themselves.
  • Equipment Storage: You need a place to store saddles, bridles, and other equipment between uses. A tack room inside your steel barn keeps everything within close reach.
  • Lean-To: You can customize the outside of your barn with a lean-to that protects your horses from sudden high winds, harsh sun, and unexpected rainstorms until you can let them into the barn.

Consider the Metal Building Components You Prefer

The most popular barn style has an A-frame roof and vertical stalls. An A-frame roof style is the best choice for areas that experience yearly snowstorms and high winds. They allow excess snow and debris to slide off the roof instead of remaining there to cause added strain on the barn.

If you don’t want an A-frame roof, you can choose another style, like a boxed-eave roof. You can also choose other elements like anchors, braces, and even roll-up doors to create the perfect structure for your property.

Hassle-Free Barn Construction With Discovery Buildings

There are many benefits of metal buildings, including their durability over the years and ability to prevent water damage and other problems. Installing a steel horse barn is the perfect way to keep your horses safe.

Discovery Buildings provides metal building materials in 20 states throughout the country. To schedule a free estimate, call 321-351-1217 or fill out the online form.

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