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Giant Sale! Up to 23% Off! Click Here To Configure & Price

RV and Boat Covers

RV And Boat Covers Protect Your Investment in Style

You have invested a great deal into your RV or Boat and need to ensure your investment is protected. The most straightforward approach is a metal roof cover to protect it from the elements.

Your recreational vehicle is supposed to bring you enjoyment and relaxation, so protect your investment with a new metal cover from Discovery Buildings. We offer different sizes of metal RV and boat covers to ensure you have one that sufficiently protects your investment.

Why a Metal RV or Boat Cover Is Necessary

When an RV or Boat sits outside not in use with no protective cover, the vehicle can experience a great deal of unnecessary wear and tear. Sun damage and damage from other weather phenomena, including falling branches or debris from high winds, can cause a great deal of damage. Why run the risk of damage when you can protect it from these elements? With a metal RV cover, you can help keep it operating and looking like it did the first day you brought it home!

Benefits of Using a Metal RV or Boat Cover

A high-quality RV or boat cover protects the unit from weather and sun damage, allowing it to retain its value, function, and appearance. You will also have the peace of mind in knowing that your investment is secure.

With an RV or Boat cover you can:

  • Protect the units paint, finish, fabrics, and various other components from UV damage.
  • Prevent dust, dirt, sap, or bird droppings from accumulating and damaging your pained finish.
  • Repel rain and snow while still being breathable to allow moisture to escape.
  • Reduce black streaks from rain, snow, or dew and the frequency with which you must wash it. 
  • Preserve its resale value because it will be in better condition for a longer period of time.

Cover Options

Our metal RV covers can be partially or fully enclosed and are available in a wide range of styles, colors, and sizes to meet your exact requirements.

If you are considering using just a tarp or cloth material cover, then your RV is still vulnerable. The material will not hold up against mother nature. Hail will puncture the material, the heat and ultraviolet light will dry rot it, and the winds will tear it to shreds. This is why we build metal RV and boat carports

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Why Choose Discovery buildings?

At Discovery Buildings, we offer expert solutions for all of your storage needs. We will work closely with you to create the custom steel garage that you need. Other benefits to working with us include:


Installing a metal carport on your selected site in Mims, Titusville or Oak Hill can be a much easier task and less expensive than you might think. Discovery Buildings of Mims Florida can install your new single carport, double carport, triple carport, storage building, or garage on your level ground or concrete slab. Our tubular steel carports and garages are durable, attractive, versatile and will protect your vehicles from all kinds of harsh environments. You won’t have to waste your time scraping tree sap or bird excrement off your windshield, roof, trunk or hood. Let us show you how our Titusville carport can help you maintain the value of your vehicles and make your life a lot easier.

Our single carports, double carports, triple carports and garages come in a variety of colors and you can choose the color that matches your vehicle, house or barn. In addition, you can select from several carport roof styles with standard and optional features that include:

  • Rounded-Corner Carport available with horizontal roof panels only
  • A-Frame Carport with boxed eaves with horizontal roof panels (standard)
  • A-Frame Carport with boxed eaves with vertical roof panels (optional)
  • 14-gauge steel tubular framing is standard for all carport structures and metal covers
  • 26-gauge roof panels designed to withstand punishing elements are a standard feature

You can customize your carport for access from the ends of the structure or build it to enter from the sides. You can even have your carport completely enclosed with roll up doors.

Single carports, double carports, triple carports, RV carports, boat carports, storage buildings, and garages are available as certified structures. Our certified structures are wind load rated for compliance with city, county and state regulations for most areas. Certification is available on all Discovery Buildings carport designs and certified structures are backed by an engineer’s stamped approval.

The right carport, steel building or garage is a sound investment. It is one of the most cost effective ways of protecting your valued possessions from nature’s harshest elements. We have lots of options to select from when personalizing your carport to meet your needs for outside storage, work areas or compliance with city, county or state building requirements.

Discovery Buildings takes the hassles out of buying a new carport or garage. Contact our qualified staff today and we’ll arrange to have your customized single carport, double carport, triple carport, storage building, or garage installed right away. Discovery Buildings can keep you covered for a lifetime.

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