Giant Sale! Up to 23% Off! Click Here To Configure & Price

Giant Sale! Up to 23% Off! Click Here To Configure & Price

Covered Arenas

Covered Arenas Up to 70′ Wide

A Covered Arena from Discovery Buildings and Carports Anywhere will save you lots of time and money compared to a comparable red iron arena.

A covered arena is a must-have if you’re serious about your riding.   Located in Mims, Florida, Discovery Buildings has the right size and model to suit your needs.

We offer you the best price on installed covered arenas in all of Florida.

Discovery Buildings is proud to partner with Carports Anywhere, Inc., whose primary function is to manufacture metal products by using the newest technology as well as engineering expertise. Our commitment to product quality and excellence in customer service is the driving force behind the growth and success of Carports Anywhere, Inc. It is our pleasure to attend to each and every detail of your purchase in order to ensure that you are a satisfied customer.

Our trained Mims staff is ready to answer all your questions and to assist you with a custom design for your covered arena. Let us help you find the right arena for your needs! We offer experienced consultation services in our Mims location and would love to provide you with a free estimate!

Discovery Buildings is also your Horse Barn, Run-In and Agricultural building specialist in most of Florida.

Metal Covered Arenas Benefits

Our covered arenas can be ordered, delivered and assembled on your concrete slab in a fraction of the time it takes to build a red iron structure.

Our covered arenas are built strong to resist the harsh weather conditions that Florida can oftentimes present. Namely sun exposure and tropical and hurricane force winds.

What’s more, our arenas are resistant to fire, rot, mold and pests such as rodents and termites.

  • Buildings that need to be installed over and existing object or structure.
  • Trip charges may apply to installations outside specific service areas.
  • Your desired install site is significantly unlevel
  • If you need to install on a deck or dock
  • The install site is on an elevated retaining wall. In this case, fees are assessed on a case-by-case basis
  • If your desired install site requires materials to be transported from the unloading zone more that 50 feet

A covered arena from Discovery Buildings can save you a boat load of money compared to a red iron arena. On average our customers save around 40%!

Covered Arenas Gallery

Why Choose Discovery buildings?

At Discovery Buildings, we offer expert solutions for all of your storage needs. We will work closely with you to create the custom steel garage that you need. Other benefits to working with us include:

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