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Giant Sale! Up to 23% Off! Click Here To Configure & Price
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NEW: Getting The Biggest Bang For Your Metal Building Dollar

Getting The Biggest Bang For Your Metal Building Dollar

Were you aware that there are quite few things you can do to decrease steel building construction expenses?

The real key to reducing your construction price is quite straightforward: the more steel you are using on your construction, the more it will cost. So to decrease the purchase price, make adjustments that decrease the quantity of steel used.


Simple design changes can save on your construction expenses. Obviously, the smaller the construction, the less you’ll be able to realistically save.

But that being said it’s possible to modify the measurements of a metal construction to whittle the cost down– without altering the entire square footage.

By way of an example, let us say you design a 1,500 square foot building that’s 50′ wide and 30′ long.

The broader the construction, the more steel necessary to support that breadth –particularly if it’s a clear span style. But, it’s extremely economical to improve a metal building’s construction’s length.

By switching to a 30′ width by 50′ length, the steel construction costs less even though you still get precisely the exact same 1,500 square feet of space.


Again, sticking with our number one price-cutting strategy of the less steel you purchase, the lower your total costs, deciding on a 12-foot within a 20-foot eave will save cash — that is assuming you aren’t optimizing the overhead space. If your plan is to put in a self-supporting mezzanine flooring program for extra floor area, then the greater building height might actually decrease your price per square foot.


Remember: each pound of steel that you remove from the custom components will be really money off your transportation costs, also!


Finally, only you can choose where to draw the line between your vision and your budget.

If you’d like some more help with your project call us today and speak with one of our savvy metal construction experts and get more suggestions and money-saving tips.
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