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4 Common Mistakes People Make When Purchasing a Metal Building

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The majority of frustration are the results of misguided expectations and unclear communication. To effectively communicate your desires, you need clarity. This article is written to help you avoid making four common mistakes when buying a metal building. I will also give you questions you might ask yourself, contractor, and your Discovery Building Rep.

What should you consider when picking a location for your metal building?

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Occasionally people overlook details concerning location which leads to unsatisfactory experiences. While this article might cover some obvious points, there are potential oversights as well.

Location is referring to both the metal building placement and its orientation.

There are several options for the foundation. I am not going to go into how to put in your foundation, but I will give some things to think about and follow up with the respective person.

In some cases, people don’t lay any foundation at all. This could mean the metal building structure could have a different design to accommodate not having a foundation for stabilization. You will want to discuss this with your rep, and potentially with your zoning/permit authorities. Start with your rep for some guidance.

GaragesYou could have a gravel foundation put in. There are several ways to do this, with factors affecting cost, and stability. It is possible to do this yourself, but you will still have to talk to your local zoning authorities. Many people hire a contractor for this.

You may choose a slab foundation. This will give the most stability and mitigate potential structural damage to the metal building due to changes in its foundation. You will want to find a good contractor and comply with any zoning laws and get permits where needed. This is important for your rep to know so he can give you the right metal building designs.

metal building for my truckIs there a slope at the location? If there is then this could increase the cost of the foundation. A significant slope could make it cost prohibitive.

Slopes can also cause drainage issues. For example, if a metal building is placed where natural drainage is occurring. The structure could block the water resulting in flooding, or the building could even take in water.

two car metal carportsTry to think of the metal building in various types of weather conditions and the impact the weather might have on the metal building. If you have high winds, then you may want a building with a higher wind rating. Discovery Buildings has metal building rated for 150 Mph and 180 Mph.

Don’t forget the power lines. Sometimes people forget to look up when planning where the metal building will be built. With this in mind you may have to choose another spot for your metal building.

Remember there has to be access to the location. Again, remember the power lines. Are there any low branches? Can the delivery truck get to the location?

agriculture farm buildingWhile this may seem silly; nonetheless, some people forget to consider the view. Make sure you are not blocking wanted views. And not just your view, but your neighbors’ too.

The orientation is important also. Most people think about where they want the doors or entrance. I watched a man on YouTube who had a pathway through his carport; otherwise, he would have to walk around his new carport (His carport has walls).

Are you ok with the direct sun shining through the windows or would you rather the windows located where you get consistent soft lighting from the north side? How many windows do you want on each side?

Do you have your measurements for your metal building?

rv metal carportAnother common mistake people make is over/underestimate the space they need. More often people error on the side of underestimating. I recommend you first be clear on your metal building purpose. Consider both the presence and future purposes.

Is the entrance large enough for its intended use? Consider the height of the truck, RV, or tractor you plan in parking in it. Take note of the width as well. Maybe you intend to park a boat or wide equipment in it.

Will you have enough room to open the doors of the vehicle or RV? People have calculated all the measurements and then forgot to make enough room for opening the doors. If the metal building will be built next to an existing structure, will you have room for the roof that extends beyond the width and length of the metal building?

How much natural light do you want? You may want to pay more for larger windows to let in more natural outside light.

metal building for horsesIf you are going to have many windows or doors then you might consider aesthetically the spacing between them. You can give our 3D builder a try and see how it might look. Also, you can discuss this with one of our Reps that can give you their thoughts based on their experience.

Don’t forget to consider zoning and permits for the metal building.

Zoning and permitting are something you want to take seriously! I wish I could walk you through step by step, but zoning is different in every jurisdiction. I want to stress that you want to do your due diligence.

If you are working with a contractor then they should be helpful in getting you started. If you have a homeowner association then you can talk with them, and often they can point you in the right direction. Of course, Discovery Buildings’ reps can be helpful and giving you some ideas of how to get started, but ultimately you want to do your research and make sure you comply with the zoning and permit laws.

If you are not in compliance and you are discovered, then you could be looking at hefty fines or be required to remove the entire structure. So, it is worth a little due diligence to avoid unnecessary headaches.

Unclear Communication Concerning Your Metal Building

metal building garageWhen communication is not clear it causes unmet expectations. This probably causes the most problems. Sometimes it’s that something is not understood, while at other times it was never discussed.

Let me give you an example: Let’s say that the delivery truck shows up later than expected, and you had scheduled time out of your day to be there. What you might not know is there was an accident causing traffic or a previous delivery put them behind because they didn’t have access to the delivery site. Now, if you are not made aware of the delay then you would be wondering why they are not here yet resulting in your frustration and dissatisfaction.

Boat cover metal carport

Miscommunication can also occur if you are not clear about what you want in your metal building design. It is important that you have details regarding the dimensions, location of windows, and doors. And you should be open to the suggestions that your rep gives you. After all, they are speaking from experience.

Consider writing out what you want. Maybe sketch out your ideas, or better yet use our 3D Builder. This tool will help you see what you want and give your rep a clearer idea of how to meet your expectations.

Your Next Steps

3D metal buildingI hope you found some of the tips helpful. I would like to encourage you to use the 3D Builder to get a clearer idea of the design of your metal building. You can experiment with designs and dimensions. You can also add windows, walk-in doors, and garage doors… etc. Click the button in the right column to get started.

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