Be Careful Skipping Over Building Permits and Regulations

Be Careful Skipping Building Permits and Regulations

A common error we see buyers make when it comes to metal and steel buildings is not paying enough attention to building permits and construction regulations.

Know Your Regs

Most areas in the USA have strict regulations which any new constructions will need to follow. Before your building goes up investigate whether or not there are any constraints for your region.

For instance are there constraints if the space is currently zoned for residential or commercial use? If there are issues does this apply to the buildings’ appearance, its elevation or size? Are there any fire or safety regulations?

If you’re unsure it’s not difficult to find out. All you need to do is contact your local building department or you can give us a call and we’ll be happy to advise.

Get Your Neighbors Onside

If there are constraints you can usually apply for a special case from the zoning commission. Just be ready to describe why you need it.

The zoning commission may want to review each one of your specifics and allow your neighbors to remark so it would be useful to obtain the help of your neighbors prior to approaching the zoning board.

In the event you have to submit an application for a construction permit, you will likely have to present a certified design of your planned structure. This will need to be accredited by a third-party that’s registered in your region and we can help you with this.

Size Matters

The bigger your construction is and whether or not it will be used to house people, the more stringent the regulations will be that you’ll have to follow.

It’s important your supplier is conscious of those laws so they only sell you a construction that has been accepted for your region.

Don’t Underestimate

When planning your metal building make sure the plan of your construction covers the base. Remember a steel building larger than a shed will need a firm foundation so ensure to review any plans before purchasing your structure so that you can be conscious of how much investment you require for the base that’s not included in your price.

WARNING – When you talk with steel building companies make sure they are able to provide you with certified blueprints. This will be an indicator that they are a quality company because it’s a standard request that local governments require to ensure public safety?


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