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4 Common Mistakes People Make When Purchasing a Metal Building

metal building 3 garge doors

The majority of frustration are the results of misguided expectations and unclear communication. To effectively communicate your desires, you need clarity. This article is written to help you avoid making four common mistakes when buying a metal building. I will also give you questions you might ask yourself, contractor, and your Discovery Building Rep.

Be Careful Skipping Over Building Permits and Regulations

Be Careful Skipping Building Permits and Regulations

A common error we see buyers make when it comes to metal and steel buildings is not paying enough attention to building permits and construction regulations. Know Your Regs Most areas in the USA have strict regulations which any new constructions will need to follow. Before your building goes up investigate whether or not there […]

NEW: Getting The Biggest Bang For Your Metal Building Dollar

Getting The Biggest Bang For Your Metal Building Dollar

Were you aware that there are quite few things you can do to decrease steel building construction expenses? The real key to reducing your construction price is quite straightforward: the more steel you are using on your construction, the more it will cost. So to decrease the purchase price, make adjustments that decrease the quantity […]